Earn through Gaming, Gift
Cards, and Airtimes

Whether you’re a gamer, or someone who loves digital
commerce, we have the perfect platform for you to turn your
hobbies into income.

Our focus

Fed up with communities that lack real value?
At Afriguild, we understand the importance of combining passion with
profitability, and we’ve built a community that helps you do just that.

Gaming for Rewards

Turn your gaming skills into cash. Participate in
tournaments, challenges, and competitions to earn
real money and exclusive rewards.


Gifting and digital commerce

Send personalized gifts to loved ones, colleagues,
or clients with just a few clicks. Choose from a wide
selection of gift cards or digital products, send gifts
instantly, ensuring your loved ones receive them right
when they need them most.


Global airtime

Our platform offers a user-friendly experience for
purchasing and distributing airtime to virtually any mobile
number across African countries.


Ready to turn your passions into profit?

Join Afriguild today and start earning through gaming,
gift cards, and content creation!

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