Creating pathways into Web 3 for everyday people

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Bringing 100 million Africans into Web3 in 5 years.

Afriguild wants to make the possibilities of Web3 accessible to everyone, by creating entry-level opportunities into Web 3. We have a strong desire to inspire the average African to be a part of the global revolution by empowering them to become participants and contributors through Education, Gaming and Community Building

The future of work is play

The future of work is evolving. We are excited to be a part of it by creating new types of jobs for Africans.

We invest in NFT assets to allow local communities across Africa to be able to gain entry-level access into Web 3.

We honestly believe in the power of community in turning observers into participants, and then into contributors able to shape new possibilities.

The Afriguild Value chain

The Afriguild Value chain

Invest in gaming and tools

Provide members with entry-level opportunities through gaming

Increase interest and participation of everyday people in Web 3

Contribute to the growth of the global economy through blockchain based games and the crypto metaverse

Making crypto simple and accessible

Gaming is spreading crypto education and driving adoption. Afriguild is committed to making Web3 games accessible to more people

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